uPVC sash windows


Vertical sliders are a classic window design. They are commonly found in older homes and are usually made of wood. This elegant type of window is a common replacement in period homes, its design adding a sophisticated elegance and style to your home that a regular casement window cannot. Because real wood windows can be costly, homeowners prefer less expensive alternatives such as uPVC.

uPVC sash windows are thermally efficient and environmentally friendly, emulating the elegance of a classic timber vertical slider while providing all of the advantages of a modern uPVC device, giving you the best of both worlds. Whether you live in an older or newer home, uPVC sash windows are a cost-effective option for replacing like-for-like or as an alternative to other models.

Splay and 90° bay models are also available. Choose from a variety of colour and hardware options to finish your window and build a look that is exclusive to your home.

uPVC sash windows

uPVC sash windows are an affordable and efficient replacement for existing windows and look great. With a variety of colour and hardware choices you can create a unique look for your home.

Product information

Our vertical sliding sash windows help to keep your home’s character and beauty. To complement your home, you can choose from a variety of designs, features, and hardware choices. Furthermore, when combined with 24mm low ‘E’ glazing for thermal performance, triple brush seals help create exceptional draught proofing

Features & benefits

  • Tradition ProfileTraditional front-to-back profile dimension to fit current box configurations.
  • Conventonal Sections with a conventional visual appeal.
  • Easy cleaningUpper and lower sashes tilt inward to facilitate sweeping.
  • Traditional GeorgianTraditional Georgian astragal bar arrangements
  • Quality ConstructionDesign and functionality of traditional hardware.
  • Wide selection of optionsA wide variety of design choices and sizes are available to allow for the substitution of conventional items.
  • Added securityFor optimum security update your Vertical Slider to Secured By Design (SBD) - Sash is given enhancement reinforcement enabling hardware to be fixed into the steel | Top sash security locking blocks | Supplied with a fully factory | glazed top section | Security tilt latch | High security locking cam


Depth of the profile: 128mm
Width of a sash including beading: 63mm
Width of the frame: 39mm
Stuck on Georgian bars: Yes
Types of horns: stuck on/run through
Ventilation: In the head/in the sash
Energy Rating ‘A’ energy rated, 1.4 U-Value
Thermal properties: Double glazed – argon gas filled, Pilkington Low E glass
Handles and locks: White furniture, satin chrome, brushed chrome, brass
Type of horns: Plant-on sash horns/run through

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For starters, they are less expensive than their timber counterparts. Modern uPVC sash windows, unlike their timber counterparts, need very little maintenance. While timber sashes need repainting every 5-10 years and annual coats of protective varnish to function properly, uPVC sash windows do not!