Residence 9 Windows & Doors


Introducing Residence 9 Windows, Doors, and Orangeries

We are delighted to present Residence 9 windows, doors, and orangeries from Express Windows Group – a harmonious combination of style and durability. These designs are meticulously crafted to bring elegance and a distinctive depth to your home, showcasing the pinnacle of design features and British craftsmanship.

Elegance and Performance Combined

Residence 9 windows and doors are ideal for homeowners seeking a blend of style, performance, and heritage. Customize your home with our varied designs, colours, and accessories, creating a look that suits any property style. Benefit from cutting-edge technical innovations and British craftsmanship for a truly bespoke finish.

Unique Designs and Superior Security

Choose from unique designs like the Downing Street-inspired No. 10 Black, offering regal and gothic elegance, or Clotted Cream for a touch of warmth and serenity. Our windows and doors not only meet but exceed security standards, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient home environment throughout the year.

Maintenance-Free Beauty

With Residence 9, enjoy the aesthetic appeal and character of timber without the upkeep. Whether your home’s style is traditional or contemporary, Residence 9 windows and doors deliver lasting beauty and performance, making them the ultimate choice for those valuing heritage and innovation.

Features & benefits

Feature Description
Thermally and Acoustically Efficient Residence 9 includes the latest performance innovations while appearing traditional.
Dual Colours Create a truly personalised look with a range of eclectic colors and dual color options.
Georgian Bar Recreate the original windows’ pattern to preserve the charm of your home or design new patterns.
Complete Pieces of Glass Timeless look and modern regulations compliance achieved through complete pieces of glass.
Weatherbar/Mullion Stiffener (Optional) Optional feature that cloaks mullions and improves resistance to driving rain.


Feature Description
Styles Offers a range of designs, including flush casement, bay, bow, garden rooms, orangeries, conservatories, French windows, single and French doors, engineered doors, Juliet balcony doors, and more.
Accessories Unique range of handles and peg stays available for personalisation, and elegant decorative interior design.
Weather and Performance One of the highest classifications in British Standard weather tests, surpasses British Building Regulation requirements, and attains the PassivHaus standard.

Residence 9 Windows & Doors Accessories

No Accessories for this product.


  • What is the main difference between Residence 9 windows and traditional windows?

    What is the main difference between Residence 9 windows and traditional windows?

    Residence 9 retains the charm of traditional windows, while providing a thermal and acoustic performance of modern standards.

  • What is the Georgian bar?

    What is the Georgian bar?

    Georgian bars replicate the deep decorative detailing inside and the putty line outside of traditional windows.

  • Can I create my own patterns for Georgian bars?

    Can I create my own patterns for Georgian bars?

    Yes, Residence 9 Georgian bars offer the option to create your own patterns and designs.

  • What is the Weatherbar/Mullion Stiffener for?

    What is the Weatherbar/Mullion Stiffener for?

    The Weatherbar/Mullion Stiffener cloaks mullions and sheds water, improving resistance to driving rain and adding depth and character to the windows.

  • Are Residence 9 windows available in multiple colours?

    Are Residence 9 windows available in multiple colours?

    Yes, Residence 9 windows offer a range of eclectic colours and dual colour options – something to match every home’s décor.