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The Residence 7 (R7) is the perfect solution for a wide range of properties: apartments in city buildings, country cottages, and everything in between. Modern new buildings can also benefit from this innovative new way of thinking.

Our hardware range includes key locking Monkey Tail or Pear Drop handles with matching peg stays in nine colour options. There is a colour to suit all tastes, ideal for recreating a period allure or to complement a more contemporary appearance.

To add the finishing touch to your new windows and doors choose the Radlington Cill, this range is the modern interpretation of timber cills, designed to authentically accompany your Residence windows and doors so you can recreate that stunning look in both a modern or period home. Contemporary and traditional bay windows and orangeries are also easy to create using Residence 7. Choose from delightfully decorative or sleek square corner posts. R7 has a complete range to suit multiple bay angles and designs. For further personalisation, you can choose to add a Georgian bar too. It is so simple to create the perfect solution to complement your home.


Clean, sash windows and an exterior make the R7 fashionable and contemporary, yet also versatile. It’ll work on any property looking for a fresh new look that’s still classic at heart.

Product information

The new flush design is no doubt quite an attractive addition to a property. However, it also comes with exciting levels of performance and freshness. If you’re looking for an authentic flush look on the outside, but want to take advantage of modern windows and doors on the inside, this could be perfect for you!

Features & benefits

  • Maintenance free The best thing about the R7 range of windows and doors is that they require minimal levels of maintenance - you don't need to spend a lot of time on out-of-date paints or stains. Simply wipe them down with a simple warm, soapy water and they're good to go indefinitely.
  • Personalised Internal Style A glazing bead is the part that secures your glass, but it also determines the finished internal aesthetic, which is why R7 is unique. You can choose from Square, Decorative or Staff; 28mm Decorative, 28mm Staff, 28mm Square, 44mm Decorative & 44mm Square.


Glazing bead style 28mm double or 44mm triple glazing
Triple glazed Low E sealed units 28mm or 44mm
Chambered System x7

RS7 Gallery

RS7 Accessories

R7 Handles & Stays

Casement Window Restrictors

Glass Type


The R7 window has 7 chambers total, which can help improve the thermal efficiency of any property. The R9, on the other hand, has 9 total and is an even better option.

As they both achieve A+ energy ratings, they can also be fitted with double or triple glazing. The main difference between the two window systems is their frame’s thickness: inside measures to outside measurements.

The Residence 7 has a 75 mm deep window, whereas The Residence 9’s is 100mm deep. From the outside you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference, but from the inside there are subtle differences. For example, for The Residence 7 window is flush with the frame whereas for The Residence 9 it’s slightly more decorative.

Residence 7 is designed with energy efficiency in mind. On the windows, we have double and triple glazing options to keep the temperature loss to a minimum. These come in considering sizes of 28mm or 44mm glass. The glazing bead is always on the inside and this improves the security performance.

A 28mm window will give you an average U-Value of 1.2 w/m²k and is rated A Window Energy Rating (WER) according to the manufacturer. A 44mm triple glazed Residence 7 window has an overall U-Value of 0.8w/m²k and is also certified WER ‘A’. This far surpasses British Building regulation requirements, which means you can stay nice & warm at home during those colder months and always cool throughout the summer

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