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Flat Roof Windows


Flat Roof Windows Systems

  • InfiniLIGHT technology

    Let more light in without obscuring the view with our InfiniLIGHT. We offer fixture-free lighting that manages to allow you to focus on the natural elements of your environment while still fulfilling necessary illumination needs.

  • Thermal Protection

    The InfiniLIGHT uses the latest thermal technology to help prevent energy loss in your home. For homes with electronic locks, an electronic opening version is also available

Flat Roof Windows

We offer a full range of frameless rooflights. The frameless rooflights are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and the glass is double-glazed with a thermal break.

Product information

Flat rooflights are a great way to maximize natural daylight in your property. They are perfect for rooms with flat roofs since they can easily be installed without any fuss. Our rooflights are available in a range of shapes, sizes and specifications so that you can have perfectly designed skylights for your flat roof. We offer everything from roof lanterns to large commercial roofs.

Features & benefits

Fully thermally broken profile - We use the term “fully thermally broken” to refer to how our flat roof windows are sealed. The unbroken seal means that the window is more airtight, so it stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer. A window with an unbroken seal will be more energy efficient than one without it. It will be better at keeping heat inside during winter and cold air out during summer, which can save you money on your heating bill.

Frameless internal finish - The frameless internal finish of our flat roof windows is a great way to add that extra wow to your interior. The frameless finish makes the window look more modern and it leaves the view un-obstructed.

Walk-on glazing option - You can open your flat roof windows to walk on them. This will let in light and fresh air without the need to climb up a ladder. We are one of the few companies that offer this option for our customers. Contact us today if you are interested in adding this amazing feature to your home!

Designed for rapid installation ​- The traditional skylights have a curved or angled roof. These are designed to reflect the light from the sky and require a slant on the roof of your house. This can be a problem on flat roofs, where sunlight is not easily reflected. In these cases, it is necessary to use a flat roof window kit. In recent years, standard skylights have been replaced by flat roof windows with an electroplated mirror surface which eliminates glare and lets more light through. These kits are easy to install - they come complete with everything needed for installation and they work well in any type of weather conditions

Electronic opening version is also available ​- The use of electronic opening windows is not just limited to residential purpose. It can be used by commercial property owners as well. The major benefit that it offers is the ability to save on energy costs. This is because they are able to minimize the air conditioning or heating bills due to their increased ventilation potentials. This type of window is also good for offices which are not located in a cooler climate, but instead in a region with warmer climates all year round because it can help maintain a comfortable temperature within the office environment without heavy use of air conditioning or heating systems which would otherwise greatly increase power consumption.


Max length:

3000mm (larger available on request)

Max width:

2000mm (larger available on request)

Max weight:

1000 kg

Profile height:


Glazing thickness:


Glazing method:

Structurally bonded

Minimum level:

5 degrees

Maximum level:

25 degrees


from 1.0 W/m2K

Air Permeability:

Class 4

Water Tightness:

Class 9A

Wind Resistance:

Class A4

Key Features

  • 10 Years Warranty
  • Industry leading weather testing
  • Skyway frame technology
  • Outstanding Thermal performance
  • Any RAL Colour Available
  • U-values as low as 0.4W/m2K
  • Square, rectangular or circular
  • Bespoke sizes
  • Concealed Fixings
  • compatible for both flat and pitched roofs
  • Fully thermally broken aluminium frame

Glass Options

  • Double, triple or quadruple glazed IGU’s
  • Protect+
  • Heated
  • Switchable privacy
  • Solar Control
  • Coloured/Tinted
  • Anti Slip
  • Privacy glass
  • CUin advanced thermal protection


  • Integrated Electrical Blinds
  • Bespoke shapes and sizes
  • Pre-formed Timber Upstands
  • Secondary Skyway+ Electric Blackout Blind
  • Wall Abutments

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Flat Roof Windows Gallery


  • Can you have windows in a flat roof?

    If you have a flat roof, opt for skylights as they apply to this type of construction. Skylights and flat roof windows are some of the best additions you can make to your flat roof to increase the amount of natural light coming into the room.

  • How do you clean flat roof windows?

    It’s best to use a mild detergent mixed with warm water to clean your rooflight. Any type of glass cleaning products work as well. You should make sure to use a soft cloth or sponge and remove any dirt from surfaces gently.

  • Can roof lights be flat?

    Flat rooflights are a great way to add lots of extra daylight into a room. They are especially suited to rooms with flat roofs above. Flat rooflights are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and specifications, so we can create perfectly designed skylights for a flat roof, roof lanterns or roof lights for you.

  • What is a kerb upstand?

    The Flatglass Rooflights are designed to be installed onto 150mm upstand kerbs, so the kerb should be level in one plane. To ensure there is no ingression of water, it should also not be less than 150mm high. The top of the curb should be angled as a way to make water fall off as it does from a glass. The road also needs to show signs of aging.

  • How thick should my Flatglass kerbs be?

    Usually, we recommend that the kerbs be at least 75mm thick. This is to support the rooflight frame and to properly hide it from view from below.

    Glass facades are ideal if you want a no-holds-barred view. Thicker kerbs can let in light from below, but they may compromise your view of the frame.

    Always consult a building professional to ensure the suitability of the kerb before installing a rooflight. It must be strong enough to easily take the weight of the rooflight and any other loads imposed by wind or snow, for example. Before installing a rooflight, be sure to get signoff from a building professional. The kerb needs to be strong enough to take the weight of the rooflight and other loads that may be imposed by wind or snow, for example.

  • I'm building my house's Flatglass rooflight; do I need to allow for leniency when installing the rooflight in case it doesn't fit correctly?

    The long answer is yes, the tolerance has been built into this product and there are a number of factors that contribute to this. For example, if you provide us with finished weathered kerb dimensions equal to 1000mm down the slope by 2000mm long, we will fabricate a roof light that’s 1046mm x 2020mm. This means that the sloping roof light will slide easily over the curb, and be well-fitted to the top of the curb, like a box lid.

  • Will water pool on the glass of my rooflight?

    This might not seem so at first, but glass is actually a ductile material. Its rigidity depends on factors like its size and how many panes it has. The bigger the unit the less rigid, and it’ll deflect more with a heavier load.

    When installed in the horizontal plane this means that the glass will start to dip. This is because of the dead load and also pressure from wind or snow.

    Obviously, if a liquid like water were to be placed upon the glass, it will fill the dish and create a pooling effect.

    If pooling water is to be eliminated, there needs to be a greater thickness of the outer skin of glass. This thickness will reduce deflection-boundless glazing. However, to make the rooflights safer, we heat-soak toughen the glass to make it stronger, but unfortunately this can introduce a bow in the glass.