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Aluminium Casement Windows


With the installation of our screens, you won't need to worry about durability or weather. With minimal sight lines that will allow your building to stay sleek and modern.

The 58BW is a sleek flush window that's perfect for new housing schemes or refurbishments. It comes with advanced functions and will be the envy of your neighbours.

At the moment, we offer our 58BW window in a range of styles and colours. This way you can choose what suits your needs and tastes best while still getting the excellent standards we expect from all our windows, such as weather protection, security and durability.

Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium windows are inexpensive, sustainable, energy-efficient and easy to maintain. As well as being strong and resistant to corrosion.

Product information

Steel or aluminium? Find out which material is best for you. ST 58BW are aluminium windows that are designed to have the latest in window technology without having to compromise on either style or function.
This design configuration has an impressive temperature range, as well as sharp sound insulation. It’s also low on sightlines, which makes it safer and more private. All-in-all, this is a very attractive design.

Features & benefits

  • 100% Certified - Certified under the Secured By Design scheme
  • Green Guide - Green guide rated A
  • Deep Head Profiles - Integrated deep head profiles for ease of trickle ventilation
  • Thermal Break Design - Unique polyamide thermal break design to improve thermal performance


Glazing: 24mm – 32mm
Choice of: Available in flush, bay, chamfered, heritage, ovolo and contemporary aesthetics
Choice of: Available in a range of single or dual colourand anodised finishes
Choice of: Available in the following aesthetics: Bay, Heritage and Contemporary
Choice of: Available in the following configurations: top hung, bottom hung, side hung, fixed light, multi-light and French casement

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Aluminium Casement Windows Accessories

Trickle vents

Glass Type

Casement Window Restrictors


You can use aluminium or uPVC for your windows, but this decision is usually driven by the preference of the customer. Aluminium frames are more expensive but can offer visual and practical advantages.

Aluminium windows are lightweight and provide the best thermal efficiency. They also withstand wear and tear much better than timber windows. You don’t need to worry about any maintenance costs either because aluminium is very low maintenance.

Aluminium windows are better at resisting rusting, don’t warp when exposed to heat like other materials, and can be water resistant. They’re also thinner than uPVC and have a higher ratio of glass.

Price. Both aluminium and UPVC have similar pricing however aluminium may be more expensive depending on what you need from your windows. If you want a sustainable product, aluminium may prove a cost-effective option as it both lasts longer and saves energy costs.

Aluminium offers great durability and is the perfect material for UK’s climate, as it can’t warp, crack, discolor or rot. It will also stay looking new even in harsh sunlight. Of course with one drawback being that it’s not fire-resistant.