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Tilt & Turn Windows


Tilt & Turn Windows Systems

  • Extra Security

    To open the window, press the handle downwards and then turn it 90 degrees. This should release the lock and allow you to pull the window forwards. You can also lock the window for added security, with a key provided.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are now a popular option for homeowners looking for practical and modern windows. While standard windows open outwards, tilt and turn windows open inwards for increased safety, ventilation, and ease of upkeep.

Product information

The special hinged tilt and turn window enables you to ventilate your room while leaving the window itself a few inches from the window frame. The tilt and turn technology adds greater value to your home as it improves on the traditional sliding sash and casement windows by reducing heat loss and increasing security.

Features & benefits

Added security and peace of mind - Tilt and turn windows open inwards for increased security, safety and easier upkeep.

Multiple locking points - Tilt and turn windows secure your property better because of their strength, they have multiple locking points and are made with stronger interiors than normal sash windows.

Extra strength - Toughened glass and internal glazing provides additional strength to the window

Clean safely - Easy to clean from the inside

Better Ventilation - Upright tilting and turning windows are flexible, they can be tilted open to allow air in or shut with ease. They also offer ventilation flexibility as you're not restricted to only open the window fully. These features mean you can clean both the inside and outside of your windows without the need for a ladder or to put yourself at risk.

Secured by Design scheme - Window security is taken seriously by Express Windows Group. Our windows have been rigorously tested in accordance with the Secured by Design scheme, which means you'll be joining an exclusive club of homeowners who can rest easy about their home security whilst looking up to state-of-the-art sliding windows. Our windows are built to be secure and robust, meeting Secured by Design criteria.

Save on heating - Using tilt and turn windows is a great way of reducing any draughts and condensing in your home. Our top-performing A+ rated triple glazed tilt and turn windows are a great way of making both double glazing, while also providing year-round energy efficiency.


Single window Min Size

600 x 500 mm

Single window Max Size

1900 x 1300 mm

Double – 2 opening Min Size

600 x 1200 mm

Double – 2 opening Max Size

1700 x 2400 mm

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  • Are tilt and turn windows safe?

    Tilt and turn windows have stronger internal hardware and multiple locking points, which means they offer a lot more safety and security against unwanted intruders.

  • How do you keep your windows tilt and turn?

    Maintenance is important but straightforward. Keep the locking mechanism clean and free from dirt and grime. Lubricate all locking points and strikers regularly, with light oil to facilitate smooth running

  • How do you maintain your tilt and turn windows?

    Maintenance is very straightforward and easy. Clean the lock regularly to prevent dirt and grime building up and use lubricant to make sure the moving parts are smooth.

    Tilt and turn windows are easier to clean and provide better ventilation than normal windows. They allow you to avoid leaning out of the window to clean your windows from the outside.

  • Can tilt and turn windows open outwards?

    No, they open inwards for safety reasons, yet still allowing ease of access to clean and maintain.

  • Are tilt and turn windows more expensive?

    Tilt and turn windows are designed specifically for your home so prices can vary depending on your specific needs, also the dual-operating mechanism used is a little more complicated so prices are a bit higher than standard windows.