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Timber Sliding Doors


Timber Sliding Doors Systems

  • Thermal efficiency and security

    Thermally effective, providing stunning light open living areas, with built-in multi-point locking systems for added security of the homeowner.

  • Natural warmth and timeless aesthetics

    Every sliding patio door is custom crafted to complement your property and its features.

  • Low maintenance cost

    Our timber windows are built to last, minimising the time and expense required for maintenance. We use only the most durable materials to make our windows. This ensures you've got sturdy, long-lasting products that'll need minimal maintenance - recommended every 5–10 years

Timber Sliding Doors

Sliding doors allow for a completely uninterrupted view of the outside, and they allow a lot of natural light to fill the room.

Product information

Features & benefits

Made to specification - Made to order specifically for you and your home's requirements, with a broad range of customisable Traditional and Contemporary designs to fit any type of house.

Prevent Warming - Multi-layer engineered timber parts avoid warping and turning, ensuring that your doors work beautifully all year.

High Quality Track Systems - Track systems of the highest quality for long-term efficiency.

Anodized aluminium cill - A low threshold anodized aluminum cill is available as an option.

Specialized glazing - Slimline double glazing for improved thermal and acoustic insulation is one example of specialized glazing.

High security hardware - Security hinge bolts and high-safe hardware.

A Rated Standard - A-standard rating; triple glazed options are available.

Bespoke paneling and moldings Panelling and moldings made to order, as well as hardware, glazing, and paint colours.

Factory applied spray paintLow-maintenance spray paint finish applied at the factory.

Full protection against weathe - Complete weather protection to ensure the durability of your wooden door.

Draught-proofing - Draught-proofing around the whole perimeter.

Hardwood Sills - Sills made of strong, long-lasting hardwood.

Excellent hinges - Top quality hinges and components


Depth of the profile (based on 2 sections)


Frame width:


Sliding sash width:


Thickness of the sliding sash:


Width of the mullion when doors shut:


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Timber Sliding Doors Accessories

Trickle vents


  • Is engineered wood good for Windows?

    Engineered Wood products are a material that rivals the quality of other products in the market and meets or exceeds its competitors in terms of performance, durability, security and value for money.

  • Sliding Patio Timber Doors What is a timber Sliding Patio door?

    A timber sliding patio door is a type of door that can be fitted at the top or bottom of the door depending on how heavy it is. Heavier doors like these are usually attached at the bottom.

    The sliding patio door tends to have one fixed panel and one moveable panel. The mechanism slides the panel along a track, so it sits in front of the fixed panel.

  • Where would I install Sliding Patio doors?

    Sliding patio doors can be used to create a visual connection and provide physical access between an internal space and an external space. A sliding door could be used to provide access to a backyard, garden or deck. Timber sliding patio doors can work as well for any style of property from the traditional to modern and contemporary properties.

  • What options are available for my timber Sliding Patio door?

    We’ve built our first prototype of the world’s first commercial sliding door, and we need your help to bring it to market. We’ve chosen hardwood or softwood for all frames and unlimited colour options for the exterior (using a brand new environmentally friendly water resistant paint technology). As a backer of this project, you will be able to select a wide range of handles and hardware when we launch fully.

  • How long will it take to install new timber Sliding Patio doors?

    A standard sliding patio door installation will take our team one day to complete.