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Timber Sash Windows


Timber Sash Windows Systems

  • Traditional British look

    Sash windows are very typical for Victorian And Edwardian style buildings adding them the unique and original style.

  • Double glazed replacement

    Brand new windows come as double glazed by default which brings up the thermal properties of a property maintaining the historic look.

Timber Sash Windows

Our sash windows have two movable glazed panels that slide vertically to open, and they come in a number of different styles so you can find the right window for your house. We offer a variety of designs, materials, colours and glazing options, as well as a range of attractive decorative accessories to complement the style of your home.

Product information

Traditional sloping sash windows are very popular throughout the British island. These allow for single or double or triple-glazed window panes to be added, with the traditional weights. The right tool. The right size. The right material. It all comes together with the country cottage to the modern urban house.

Features & benefits

Timber sash windows could be of two types, traditional cords and weights or spring balanced. The difference between them is primarily the box size, 100mm in the case of cords and weights, and 60mm when talking about spring balanced. Apart from that there are no differences between those two types of windows. All of them can go with stuck on astragal bars of different sizes to accommodate the requirements. By default sash windows are with cords and weights but occasionally depending on the openings we suggest spring balanced sash windows to facilitate smoother replacement.


Custom Made

Made to order with cords & weights or modern spiral balance

Thermal performance

High thermal, weather, security and acoustic performance

Slim-line glazing bars

Slim-line elegant glazing bars available

Peace of mind

Quality components with market leading warranties

Choice of ironnware

Restrictors and ironware in gold, satin or chrome

Wide Selection

Broad selection of hardware available

FSC®Pure timber

Sustainable and high performing FSC®Pure hardwood timber

Extremely durable

Water based paint (no solvents), extremely durable against impact, scratches and abrasion

Triple the protection

3 coats of factory spray paint finish

Wise spectrum of colours to choose from

200 RAL colour finishes and stains to choose from

Timber Sash Windows Gallery

Timber Sash Windows Accessories

Glass Type

Finger Pulls

Sash Handles

Sash Locks

Sash Ring Eye


  • What does a sash window look like?

    A traditional sliding sash window is a good option for a residential dwelling because a full pane of glass only has to be lifted instead of opening outward. A sliding sash window can be manually operated using a pole or crank, or mechanically by the use of weights and cords.

  • How long do wooden sash windows last?

    Although there is no standard time frame, many timber sash windows have lasted a hundred years with regular maintenance. For the best quality window with a lifespan of around 25-30 years, you should look out for simple features such as a weather proof lip on the edge or high quality seals, as well as an old fashioned cross bar for ventilation.

  • Does replacing windows increase home value UK?

    Research shows that an average home can increase in value by 10% with a new installation of double glovers windows. It is much more appealing for buyers to purchase a home with newer windows, as they won’t have to spend money replacing the windows themselves.

  • How do sash windows work?

    Sash windows are more traditional and have a counter-weight in the form of a steel, cast-iron or leaden weight that is balanced by the sash. They can be fitted with insulation in the window pockets, which are hollow box frames on an inside of an older window.

  • What is the difference between traditional cords and weights and spring balanced sash windows?

    The main difference between traditional cords and weights and spring balanced sash windows is the box size. Traditional cords and weights have a box size of 100mm, while spring balanced sash windows have a box size of 60mm. Apart from that, there are no other differences between the two types.

  • Can I use stuck on astragal bars with either type of sash window?

    Yes, stuck on astragal bars of different sizes can be used with either type of sash window.

  • What are the different types of timber sash windows?

    Timber sash windows can be either traditional cords and weights or spring balanced. The box size differs between the two, with cords and weights having a box size of 100mm and spring balanced having a box size of 60mm.

  • Is it possible to replace a traditional cords and weights window with a spring balanced one?

    Yes, depending on the opening size, we may suggest replacing the traditional cords and weights window with a spring balanced one in order to facilitate smoother replacement.