Sash Window Restrictors

These window stops can be fitted to timber sliding windows, are unobtrusive and don’t affect the operation or look of your windows.

Installing these sash windows stops is a simple task that should be completed with the help of a drill. After drilling 4 holes of size 10mm into the timber to ensure that the position of each stop is slightly wider than one above each side rail, i.e. 2 on either side, thread in the screw threads to finish placing them in place.

Use a screw with a thread diameter only as deep as the thickness of the glass. When you drill, be sure not to go through both sides so you can put your screw in from the front and tighten it. (Refer to diagram below for sizes and depths).

The ferrules should be screwed in flush to the timber before placing the lock. After adding it, use an allen key to tighten the lock, then remove it when it’s not needed.

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Multiple timer stop locations

With the SW08 timber stop, you have a total of 4 location options for a horizontal position – with 2 Ferrule and 4 screw thread fastening positions included.

Ventilation gaps

The number of ventilation gaps available on a window can vary from unit to unit, depending on the customer’s preferences. Please familiarise yourself with safety regulations before deciding where the gaps should be placed.