Timber Casement Windows


Perfect Timber Casement Windows for Your Home

For both family homes and new builds, our timber casement windows are designed to enhance the character of your property while inviting an abundance of natural light. Trust in our expertise to create windows that not only complement the aesthetics of your space but also contribute to its warmth and welcoming atmosphere.

Aesthetic Appeal and Performance

Our casement windows are celebrated for their fantastic aesthetic appeal, seamlessly blending with any architectural style to elevate the look of your property. Beyond their beauty, these windows offer superior thermal insulation, ensuring your home remains comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the year.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Performance

At the heart of our timber casement windows is an innovative design that guarantees optimal thermal and weather performance. This commitment to innovation not only improves the energy efficiency of your home but also enhances its security, providing you with peace of mind.

Increased Security and Elemental Shielding

Our design work goes beyond aesthetics to include increased security and protection from the elements. With our timber casement windows, you can expect an added layer of security and shielding, ensuring your home is safe from both intruders and adverse weather conditions, making them an invaluable addition to any property.

Features & benefits

Feature Benefit
Safety and Security Modern hinges, child safety restrictors, Secured by Design & Part Q certified.
Totally Bespoke Custom sizes, designs up to 5 metres wide, various mouldings, and unique features like oriel or bay windows, and curved frames.
Choice of Glazing Wide range of styles and bars, double and triple glazed options, colored and clear glass in traditional or contemporary designs.
Super High Performance Double glazing with warm edge spacers reducing exterior noise up to 42dB for a quieter, more comfortable living space.
Amazing Colour Extensive color range with options for customization to match Farrow and Ball, Earthborn, or Fired Earth ranges.
Choice of Handles Wide selection of handles and decorative stays to complement your style.
Obscure Glazing Patterns Variety of patterns offering different privacy levels to suit any design and privacy requirement.


Specification Detail
Profile Depth 95mm
Upper Frame Width 45mm
Lower Frame Width 54mm
Upper Casement Sash Width 65mm
Lower Casement Sash Width 93mm
Cill 120mm/150mm/180mm
Mullion Options Floating/Fixed
Glazing Double/Triple
Glazing Type Standard, Toughened, Laminated, Acoustic
Energy Saving ‘Thermofloat” Glass – Ug 1.1 W/m²K
Engineered Timber Pine, Meranti, Accoya, Sapele, Oak
Locking System Multi-point locking system
Edge Spacer Warm Edge Spacer Technology
Movement Based on FRICTION or BUTT hinges
Finish Fully finished in ANY RAL colour
Painting Process Wood preservation, Staining-internal top, Final coat, Fully drought sealed
Lead Time 6-8 weeks
Compliance Fully compliant with Building Regulations and CERTASS/FENSA requirements

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  • Are wooden windows better than uPVC?

    Are wooden windows better than uPVC?
    It’s safe to say that if you’re in the market for new windows, uPVC and wood are both fantastic options. 
    If your present windows are made of wood, it may not always be the best option to replace them with wood or uPVC.
  • What are the benefits of engineered timber windows?

    What are the benefits of engineered timber windows?
    The advantages of this procedure include:
    • Expense.
    • Strength. 
    • Appearance. 
    • Resilience and Continuity. 
    • Friendly to the environment
  • How long do wooden windows last?

    How long do wooden windows last?

    60 years

  • Are wood windows Bad?

    Are wood windows Bad?
    Vinyl, metal, and fibreglass windows all have reputation for being low-maintenance, but wood has the opposite problem. 
    When it comes to wood windows, it’s true that they are vulnerable to pests if they aren’t properly sealed. 
    You don’t need to reseal windows for years if you give them decent dusting.
  • Why are wooden windows so expensive?

    Why are wooden windows so expensive?
    Because hardwood windows take longer to mature, they are more costly. 
    For the typical house, replacement windows should cost between £8,000 and £20,000.
  • When should you replace wooden windows?

    When should you replace wooden windows?
    Visible decaying or peeling paint is warning indication that wooden window should be replaced. 
    Wooden windows, although being treated to withstand the environment, may gradually lose their capacity to resist moisture over time. 
    When paint begins to separate from the wood, this is known as peeling paint.
  • How often should wooden windows be painted?

    How often should wooden windows be painted?

    Solid colours should last between five and eight years before repainting, whereas wood stains should last between three and five years before repainting.

  • Are Aluminium Windows better than timber?

    Are Aluminium Windows better than timber?
    Aluminium windows are often less expensive than wooden windows. Better-quality aluminium windows that are more thermally insulated cost about the same as a comparable number of wood windows. Because they don’t need any upkeep, aluminium windows do deteriorate with time. Most wood windows can outlive most aluminium windows if they are properly cared for.