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Timber Casement Windows


Timber Casement Windows Systems

  • Security and thermal efficiency

    All of our timber windows are designed for security and thermal efficiency. This gives them a high-performance, double-glazed design, draught excluders and multi-locking systems.

  • Anti-twisting and Anti-warping

    We use the latest technology to create windows that are significantly less prone to twisting and warping. This helps us to create a more consistent product that's as easy to maintain as possible, meaning you'll be able to enjoy your windows for years to come.

  • Flush and Edwardian windows

    We supply both flush and Edwardian windows. These windows are as warm and secure as the other, they're purely based on visual style.
    We work with you to create a bespoke design that fits in with the rest of your building. Our products are designed to last and are created to match the best in class building codes.

Timber Casement Windows

Whether it’s your family home or a new build, you can trust us to create the perfect windows to enhance the character and bring light into your property.

Product information

Our casement windows have fantastic aesthetic appeal and provide superior thermal insulation. We can assure you of optimal thermal and weather performance., our innovative design work increases security and shielding from the elements.

Features & benefits

Safety and Security - Our timber windows come with modern, easy-to-clean hinges and child safety restrictors. They are also Secured by Design & Part Q certified

Totally Bespoke - Ultimate control over the feature windows into your home. Totally bespoke sizes, designs up to 5 metres wide with any combination of fixed and opening sashes in contemporary, traditional or heritage mouldings. Create an oriel or bay window, or go all out with curved frames or swept heads (curved plates).

Choice of Glazing - Select from a range of styles: choose from horizontal, cottage, Colonial or create your own unique design using our range of glazing bars. From 16mm to 35mm in width, our glazing bars are available in double and triple glazed options. We have a comprehensive range of glazing options to help you make the most of your property. We offer both coloured and clear glass, including traditional diamond or square pane designs for those who appreciate classic style. For more contemporary properties, our obscure, translucent and stained glass is a popular choice that offers an instantly impactful feature.

Super High Performance - We use double glazing with warm edge spacers to reduce exterior noise upto an amazing 42dB. The combination of this and our carefully selected materials will allow you to enjoy a better night's sleep thanks to BlueSky performance..

Amazing Colour - We offer a range of colours that are available across our full range of window designs. We'll ensure your windows look incredible with water-based paints or if they need to be cut into shapes we can match the colour from Farrow and Ball, Earthborn or Fired Earth ranges.

Choice of Handles - With casement windows, you have the option of choosing handles and decorative stays from a huge range, simply select the ones you want based on your style.

Obscure Glazing Patterns - Glazing patterns are an important decision for any design and can make a big difference to your overall window. There are many different glazing types with various styles that offer different degrees of privacy(rated 1-5 with 5 being the highest privacy).


Profile depth


Upper frame width


Lower frame width


Upper casement sash width


Lower casement sash width




Mullion options




Glazing type

standard, toughened, laminated, acoustic Child restrictors

Energy Saving ‘Thermofloat” Glass - Ug

1.1 W/m2K

Engineered timber

pine, meranti, accoya, sapele, oak Internal beaded

Locking System

Multi-point locking system

Edge Spacer

Warm Edge Spacer Technology

Movement based on


Fully finished in

ANY RAL colour

Painted in four stages

Wood preservation - Staining-internal top - Final coat Fully drought sealed

Lead time

6-8 weeks

Fully compliant with

Building Regulations and CERTASS/FENSA requirements

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Timber Casement Windows Accessories

Casement Window Handles

Trickle vents

Tilt and Turn Handles

Glass Type


  • Are wooden windows better than uPVC?

    It’s safe to say that if you’re in the market for new windows, uPVC and wood are both fantastic options. 
    If your present windows are made of wood, it may not always be the best option to replace them with wood or uPVC.
  • What are the benefits of engineered timber windows?

    The advantages of this procedure include:
    • Expense.
    • Strength. 
    • Appearance. 
    • Resilience and Continuity. 
    • Friendly to the environment
  • How long do wooden windows last?

    60 years

  • Are wood windows Bad?

    Vinyl, metal, and fibreglass windows all have reputation for being low-maintenance, but wood has the opposite problem. 
    When it comes to wood windows, it’s true that they are vulnerable to pests if they aren’t properly sealed. 
    You don’t need to reseal windows for years if you give them decent dusting.
  • Why are wooden windows so expensive?

    Because hardwood windows take longer to mature, they are more costly. 
    For the typical house, replacement windows should cost between £8,000 and £20,000.
  • When should you replace wooden windows?

    Visible decaying or peeling paint is warning indication that wooden window should be replaced. 
    Wooden windows, although being treated to withstand the environment, may gradually lose their capacity to resist moisture over time. 
    When paint begins to separate from the wood, this is known as peeling paint.
  • How often should wooden windows be painted?

    Solid colours should last between five and eight years before repainting, whereas wood stains should last between three and five years before repainting.

  • Are Aluminium Windows better than timber?

    Aluminium windows are often less expensive than wooden windows. Better-quality aluminium windows that are more thermally insulated cost about the same as a comparable number of wood windows. Because they don’t need any upkeep, aluminium windows do deteriorate with time. Most wood windows can outlive most aluminium windows if they are properly cared for.