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Composite Doors


Composite Doors Systems

  • Create the ideal door for you

    Your own sense of style and colour.
    The style and colour of your new front door will be the first choices you'll make.
    There are around 40 different door styles to choose from.
    There are almost 40 colour variations available, including woodgrains and the ability to match any RAL colour.
    The outer frame is VEKA or Halo sculptured or bevelled.

  • Many options for glazing

    It's just as vital to pick the right glass as it is to choose the right design and colour. We offer a larger selection of glass styles that are ideal for each kind of door.
    Choosing the appropriate glass alternatives for your door may truly make it stand out.

  • Selection of hardware choices

    The hardware you pick gives your doors their own distinct design and comes in a variety of colours.
    The hardware you choose makes a statement about you and your house.

Composite Doors

If you want to change the aesthetic of your house, our composite doors are a great option. You may create the ideal focal point for your house with a wide choice of classic and modern designs, colours, furnishings, and glass. Your door, made of a strong GRP surface in either a woodgrain treatment to mimic wood or a smooth/etched finish to mimic aluminium, will look great for years to come.
The inner core is made of high-density polyurethane foam, which has excellent thermal efficiency and may help you save money on your energy costs.
The safety and security of your loved ones and possessions is a major consideration in your purchase, and you can rest assured that our doors come standard with industry-leading hardware that will guarantee your new door meets these requirements.

Product information

Our doors are produced to the highest quality standards, making them more thermally efficient by design. Composite doors are far more thermally efficient than either wood or PVC doors. Our complete line fits the criteria of the current Building Regulations, and the heated foam core enables the door to have a substantially superior ‘U’ value than standard wood doors, PVC skinned timber doors, and steel doors. There are a variety of glass modifications available to improve the door’s thermal performance. The combination should keep your house warmer while also potentially lowering your energy expenditures.

Features & benefits

Multiple Colour Options We provide an exterior colour palette of eight options, with a white interior as standard. Coloured doors may also be requested on both sides. Please keep in mind that not all door designs are available in the whole colour palette.

Colours of the highest quality Our 38 premium colours were made utilising cutting-edge coating methods similar to those utilised in the yachting industry. Depending on the colour, the paint has been produced to the desired glass level, which may vary from Semi-Matt, Satin, or Semi-Gloss.

Doors that are very secure Any homeowner's first concern is the security of their valuable goods and the protection of their loved ones. Our composite doors are engineered to meet or surpass even the most demanding requirements. As a result, we've built in a variety of security protections as standard. Multipoint locking system with high performance and smart technology. Your lock will be Kubu-enabled, allowing you to convert your door to a smart door at any time. • For your door, a sleek and inconspicuous 2D-C hinge is available in a variety of colours. It has a high weight bearing capability of 40kg and prevents the door from falling thanks to its proprietary lateral adjustment of +/- 3mm. • All doors come with an Ultion Diamond Secure Cylinder Lock.

Union Smart Lock An ingenious new lock that allows you to turn your door into a smart door that you can lock with your smartphone or watch.

Designing for Security Upgrade your door to this renowned level for the utmost in security.


Traditional Range - 44mm Composite Slab

White Grained Skin

Traditional Range - Glazing Cassette

White TriSYS

Contemporary Range - 44mm Composite Slab

White Grained Skin

Contemporary Range - Glazing Cassette

White TriSYS

Links Range - 44mm Composite Slab

White Smooth Skin

Links Range - Glazing Cassette

Urban Colour Matched

Inox Range - 44mm Composite Slab

White smooth skin

Inox Range - Glazing Cassette

Inox Stainless Steel


M70/system 10





Transom (fan lights)


Beading (fan lights)

28mm Internally






Transom (fan lights)


Beading (fanlights)

28mm Internally





Transom (fan lights)


Beading (fan lights)




VEKA & Halo bevelled





Lever/Lever White


White 2DC Adjustable


Hook Lock

Cylinder Barrel


Enhanced Security

Secured by Design

Weather Bar

Match Slab Colour

Composite Doors Gallery

Composite Doors Accessories

Glass Type


  • Is it true that composite doors are superior than uPVC doors?

    Safestyle composite doors are exceptionally sturdy and have been proved to outlast uPVC doors. To create a high visual appeal, they come in a range of colours and styles. The one significant downside of a composite door is that it is more costly to buy than an uPVC door.

  • Is it worthwhile to invest in a composite door?

    Composite doors are a fantastic option for an energy efficient house since they effectively insulate against heat loss and keep cold weather out. The weather-resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) that seals these doors extends the life of your door. Strong security.

  • Is it possible to paint a composite door?

    Yes, you can paint a composite door, and you don’t need to be an expert to do this low-cost project. Changing the colour of your front door may give your whole house a whole new look.

  • Is it possible to break into a composite door?

    Breaking into composite doors is quite tough. This is due to the inherent resilience and strength that is developed during the manufacturing process, which involves combining multiple parts to make a composite door.

  • How much more do composite doors cost than uPVC doors?

    What’s the difference between UPVC and composite doors in terms of price? Make no mistake: composite doors are much more costly than their UPVC counterparts, frequently by as much as 60%. This is due to the fact that they are made in a more complex manner, using more expensive materials and procedures.

  • What is the expected lifespan of a composite door?

    The lifespan of a composite door should be at least 30 years. That’s a minimum of three decades of consistently great performance. Composite doors are designed to endure a long time. 30 years is a conservative estimate for typical life expectancy.

  • Is it true that composite doors fade in the sun?

    Composite doors do not discolour when exposed to the sun. Unlike uPVC or wood, where the colour is applied to the outside of the door panel, the GRP skin is very resistant to the elements and maintains the colour looking fresh regardless of the weather.

  • Are composite doors prone to scratching?

    All of our composite doors are coated with a scratch-resistant, long-lasting finish.

  • Is it true that composite doors are warmer?

    Composite doors are 10% thicker than most doors on the market, making them warmer in terms of heat retention while limiting energy loss.