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Aluminium Sliding Doors


Aluminium Sliding Doors Systems

  • Modern spacious look

    Your home or business can have a fresh look with an aluminium sliding patio door. We offer more glass and less frame so you get the best of both worlds. Your space will seem more spacious, bright, and warm.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors provide a sleek, low profile appearance on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Many newer sliding doors support large glass panels of 9 square meters size or more.

Sliding doors give you a lighter, more airy sense while still providing some weather protection. From two-panel to six-panel sliding doors available, the brand you choose will depend on what size and width suits your needs best. You can also install them as stand-alone or as part of a large retractable screen that spans one or many openings.

Product information

Sliding patio doors are a fantastic option, combining the privacy of french doors with the elegance of bifolding.

Our Sliders are as beautiful as they are secure. With over 200 different colours to choose from, there is something for everyone. Metals are an excellent way to make space feel light, open and spacious. With their ability to accommodate large windows and gossamer-thin frames, sliding doors are a must-have for anyone looking for that minimalist look that also maximises the natural light in your home.

Features & benefits

Flexibility in design All panels can slide offering greater flexibility in design

Seamless Transitions Sliding patio doors allow you to create seamless transitions in your home's design. They're great because they work whether the doors are closed or open, so when you want to take in the scenery or enjoy some fresh air you can easily step outside again.

Choice of sightlines Choose you preferred sightline

Large panel options Up to 2.2.mx3m per panel

Effortless operation Fully openable and glass to glass corners with concealable frame 

Naturally easy to use One of the challenges to French doors and bi-folding doors is that they are either opening in or out. This can be problematic as it will result in wasted space inside your house or garden. Sliding patio doors can give a great open sensation with one panel being slid over the other. However, you don’t have to lose valuable space thanks to a sliding door no swinging hinges.


Threshold hight:


Glazing thickness:


Frame Depth:

1 rail 116mm, 2 rail 116mm, 3 rail 182mm U-Value From 1.3 W/m2K

Air Permeability:

Class 4

Water Tightness:

Class 7A

Wind resistance:

Class C5

Maximum Acoustic Insulation:

41 dB Rw

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  • Why choose sliding doors?

    With large glass panels and minimal frames, sliding doors are perfect for extending, renovating or building houses with wider openings measuring over 4 metres. They are also great for larger spaces where you want maximum visibility. The narrow sightlines make the most of the view and let an abundance of light in. Sliding doors are available in a range of designs. You can find single panels that slide into a small pocket, or multi-panel sets that completely change the look of your elevation.

  • What are the benefits of Sliding Patio Doors?

    Patio doors provide some major benefits. With them, you get more space for your patio, and they don’t take up any extra room like other door styles would. Plus, they can span up to 18 meters (59 feet). Our sliding patio doors are large enough to fit most items inside your home with ease. You can choose one between 8 & 10 feet high or 16 & 60 feet wide, depending on your needs.