Aluminium Sliding Door Handles

Door hardware is important for ensuring that your doors are strong and secure, while also enabling compliance with British Standards & Regulations.

The Patio Door Handle is a must-have for Sliding Patio Doors. It has an extended lever for easy operation and a cylinder aperture that locks the door from the top and bottom. (Door cylinders sold separately.)

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A handle for patio doors with a screw hole of 156 mm will be located above the lever on the front of the door. There are also screws at either end of the backplate to fit frames with screw compatibility, which is 28mm wide. The Patio Door Handle is designed for new doors or replacing handles on existing doors.

  • Sculpted ergonomic D ring handles

  • Non handed design, that can easily be reversed

  • Includes screw and spindle pack to suit 40-70mm profiles

  • Lever latch, integral with upper and lower gates. This enables lockless secondary locking


To help protect your equipment’s beautiful finish, we encourage you to clean it on a regular basis, particularly if it has moving parts. You should also lubricate any moving parts twice a year for extra care.

There are certain precautions that need to be taken for this procedure due to its use within a 25 mile radius of coastal areas or other areas near building sites or industrial centres. If cleaning is not performed on a regular basis, these capital equipment may accumulate corrosion and worsen the risk of accidents.