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Aluminium Lanterns & Domes


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  • Korniche Roof Lantern from Roofglaze

    Let the natural light in with an outstanding Korniche Roof Lantern from Roofglaze. Offering both an excellent aesthetically-pleasing solution and effective daylighting at night, these roof lanterns also allow exceptional performance levels; with U-values as low as 1.0 w/m²k achievable.

  • Energy conservation

    Rooflights are an excellent thermal solution that can help with energy conservation. They also provide a good method for reducing your carbon footprint through their outstanding performance of conserving thermal energy.

Aluminium Lanterns & Domes

Roof Lanterns and Dome rooflights provide a way to get natural light into all types of building. They can also be assembled quickly, so you’ll always have the best natural light available.

Product information

You can get a lot of benefits from using our impressive Korniche Roof Lantern. It not only provides a gorgeous aesthetic, but also lets in natural light during the day and at night, so you get more energy-efficient lighting. In addition to that, they provide topnotch performance levels.

Features & benefits

Why choose Korniche? - Well-built, good insulation, secure, attractive. Slim sections at only 57mm wide, the ridge & spas are among the slimmest on the market. Coupled with our sculpted bosses, they create a look usually associated with timber construction. Korniche revolutionised lantern design when they launched it in 2016. It has since been installed in thousands of UK homes, including home extensions.

Traditional Meets Modern - Narrow yet deep profiles with subtle ogee detailing on lower edges make for a clean & classic feel.

Traditional Meets Modern - Fully concealed fixings allow sightlines to flow smoothly, providing elegance and balance throughout.. 

Range of colours - We offer 3 standard colours - Gloss White, Matt Grey and Matt Black. You can also make any roof colour of your choice by finding out its RAL or BS colour code.

Thermally Broken Eaves Beam - The thermal efficiency at our roof starts with our eaves beams. These beams are insulated to create a barrier between the aluminium sections and keep as much heat as possible inside the home.

Performance Glazing - Korniche is now providing solutions for those who prioritize sustainability and performance. You can receive high-performance self-cleaning glass options that suit every taste; from blue, to aqua, bronze, neutral and clear glass and U Values of 1.0-1.2.


Bespoke Sizes:

Up To 6mx4m

Fixed Pitch:


Double Glazed Units:


Dual Colour Available:

3 Stock Ral Colours Bespoke Ral Colours

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  • How do you measure a Korniche roof lantern?

    To calculate the size you need, measure both the length and width of your timber upstand from the outside edge.

  • How big should my roof lantern be?

    Our new solar lanterns offer excellent illumination and cover a large area. They’re great for making an extension feel more comfortable. Generally speaking, we recommend that any extension that covers an area larger than 2500 m2 should use a minimum of 4 solar lights at 50 cm height for optimum light distribution and general visibility.

  • Does a roof lantern let in more light?

    Roof lanterns are designed to fit easily into new or existing flat roofs, so they’re perfect for single-storey extensions. They can also give you more headspace if the ceiling height is limited. A roof lantern increases light in a room. It takes up less floor space, too.

  • Do you need vents in roof lanterns?

    If you’re looking for an additional feature to improve your life, the only option is a lantern roof with an opening vent: you can choose whether to increase airflow or use it as a way to keep your house cool.

  • Where should a roof lantern be placed?

    Roof lanterns are ideal for hallways as they don’t suffer from overlooking or condensation issues and can help bring a lot of light into your home.

  • Can you get roof lanterns that open?

    A roof lantern can be installed on non-opening flat roofs or on clerestory roofs. The light fixture is fitted to the roof and projects above it in the shape of a pyramid or crested elongated pyramid, so that it’s lit by natural daylight.

  • What is the best glass for a roof lantern?

    Clear glass is one of the more popular options, but it can be mixed with solar reflective coatings. Blue or clear – they both complement many styles!

  • Are rooflights worth it?

    Rooftop windows and skylights can offer an immense amount of advantages to homeowners. One is that they can make your property more valuable, another is that they offer solutions to stuffy, cold or dark spaces in the home. The most prominent benefit is that skylights let you enjoy natural lighting. And with that light comes solar heat.

  • What is Anti-Sun glass?

    The Anti-Sun Glass is not just for public places. You can use it at home too. … With our tinted glass, you get the same solar protection you get in stores & business offices. It’s made to absorb heat and never creates glare, so it’s an excellent choice for single or double-glazed windows.

  • Do skylights make the room hotter?

    Anti-Sun glasses are a type of tinted glass which blocks heat. These window panels have applications all over the world and work for single or double-glazing windows. The panels don’t allow too much heat through, a handy property when you’re looking for a solution to reduce high temperatures.