Sash Locks

If properly maintained, locked, and monitored, sash window locks are a good form of security. The most secure locks are the Fitch locking devices since they have a half-circle catch that’s hard to open.

With a sash lock, you can open and close the window without worrying about it locking automatically and you only need the key only every now and then. Available in various security levels to suit your requirements, Mortice Sash Lock’s are also approved by insurance companies.

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Lock – 60mm fixing centers.

Lock – 78mm (length) x 33mm (width) x 26mm (height) overall sizes

Keep – 62mm fixing centers.

Keep – 78mm (length) x 8mm (width) x 18mm (height) overall sizes

Lock/Keep – 45mm in engaged position.

A range of designs

This contemporary brass finished sash lock beautifully finished and produced under strict quality control adds a real touch of class and style to any sliding sash window.

Architect-friendly Sash Locks are used by design professionals across the UK, but are now available to the public. Available in a range of finishes, you can get what you need for your building project.