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Sash uPVC Accessories

We have a range of Sash uPVC Accessories, ranging from Sash Lift, Pole Eyes, Sash Lock (fitted as standard), Horn Details, Sash Window Styles, Cills & Security Bar, Tilt Knob (fitted as standard), Sash Lift (fitted as standard) and more.

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Sash uPVC Accessories Gallery

Sash Lift (fitted as standard)

The sash lift is used for opening and closing the lower sash. For windows up to 479mm wide, one lift will do the job. For anything wider than 480mm, you’ll need to fit two lifts.

  • Dimensions (mm): H49 x W55 Dx33 (distance between screw holes 30mm)

  • Colours available: White (Std), Chrome, Satin Chrome, Gold, Black

Tilt Knob (fitted as standard)

You can tilt the sashes inward for easy, effortless cleaning from inside your home. Two Tilt knobs are fitted as standard

  • Dimensions (mm): H30 x W30 Dx21

  • Colours available: White (Std), Chrome, Satin Chrome, Gold, Black

Travel Restrictors (fitted as standard)

Window security is an important part of many home security systems. Restricting the opening of windows to just 100mm, this key operated mechanism is perfect for sliding sash windows.

  • Dimensions (mm): H64 x W14 x D1 (24mm)

  • Colours available: White (Std), Chrome, Satin Chrome, Gold, Black

Cills & Security Bar 

Our anti-jemmy security bars and ECOSlide cill profiles are available in standard, extended and extra-long lengths of 152mm, 185mm and 225mm respectively. External top faces of the profiles gently slope to efficiently shed rainwater away from windows.

The security bar is an important part of the window sill, it helps to increase security and can stop intruders from breaking in. For example, if someone tries to use tools or shake open your window they won’t be able to get through.

D Handle (Optional Extra)

These easy grip handles can be used as a replacement for pole eyes or sash lifts. They can be fitted externally on the bottom of the top sash for easy opening.

  • Dimensions (mm): H138 x W9 Dx20

  • Colours available: White (Std), Chrome, Satin Chrome, Gold, Black

Sash Window Styles

You can use ECOSlide windows in a variety of different styles to replace your old original windows. They offer modern replacements for all sorts of old, outdated window styles including splayed and 90o bay style.

We offer bespoke units manufactured in eye-catching architectural shapes such as True Arch, Gothic Arch and Swept Head windows, and the industry-standard 50/50 transom drop. Other transom drops can be ordered to custom specifications, but this will change the price.

These glass panes are available with options for internal Georgian-paned doors or external Astragal panes.

Horn Details

ECOSlide PVC-U sash windows are available in 2 options
• Without horns.
• Run-though horns.

Authentic Sash Details

It’s the little details that make ECOSlide sash windows as authentic as possible.

The ECOSlide PVC-U window is spot on for anyone who likes to look good and get the most out of their windows. They’ve got a slim, clean design with pleasing aesthetics both inside and out.

With our designs, you’ll find the same stylish features of original timber windows with an even more attractive style. Our jambs are basically made up of handmade wood, which is being cleverly glued together. You will also notice the design of sash horns and traditional-style operating hardware, all of which are made of premium quality materials.